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Ventilation turbines Lomanco

Why ventilate with LOMANCO turbine?

Ventilation of the roof-coat

Every single roof requires quality air condition. Moist air created by adverse weather condition can not stay in roof system.

Ventilation of block of flats

Every block of flats has to have solved the system of ventilation for bathrooms, lavatories and kitchens. Ventilation is solved by ventilation shaft, where is  the ventilation turbine

LOMANCO put in the outfall. Ventilation turbine Lomanco substitute electrical ventilator, which is noisy and often out of order. We recommend to combine  ventilation turbines Lomanco and small axial ventilations. For ventilation regulativ is appropriate to use gratings whose is possible to close in the room outputs. For purpose of shaft ventilation of bloks of flats is appropriate to use the most powerfull ventilation turbines Lomanco type Lomanco BIB 14 and Lomanco Tib 14! All the other types not achieve the required parameters and not fulfill the recquirements for ventilation!

Ventilation of interiors

Ventilation turbines Lomanco ventilate attic, store, production, cellar and other spaces very effectively. For regulation of ventilation is possible to use regulation flap which is controled by hand or by elektromotor. 





Detailed  information regarding the usage of ventilation turbines Lomanco on blocks os flats

Ventilation turbines Lomanco serve for ventilation of shafts, which completely ventilate bathrooms, WC, kitchen extractors etc. in blocks of flats and other houses.

Why do not use central electrical ventilator

Existing system, which is used in the bloks of flats, use for the ventilation central electrical ventilator. Central electrical ventilator is controled from each of the flat where by activation of the ventilator in one flat come to work the ventilators in all the other flats, which are connected on one pipe. The activation of the central ventilator begins to propagate noise and resonance to all floors. Other disadvantage is fact that the electrical ventilator can be switched on in any day or night hour. Other  from the group of disadvantage are often failures and necessary maintenance.

Expences for using of the electrical ventilator in flat – WC, bathroom

Working expense

night 00:00 - 04:00 12 % occupant
day 04:00- 19:00 40 % occupant
around 20:00 100 % occupant
night 20:00 - 24:00 25 % occupant

In recalculation is the day average 8,5 hour. At use of ventilator DVJ-C-355-7 with volumetric flow rate 1600m3/hour, total pressure 40Pa and power of the ventilator 180W, where year period was estimated on aprox. 3 100 hours- energy consuption 550kWh at a cost 0,13 EUR/kWh=71,50 EUR for one pipeline. 4 pipelines in house = 286 EUR for electrical energy.

Substitution of existing ventilation by ventilation turbines Lomanco

Ventilation turbines Lomanco works without motor drive and fully use energy of air. During the ventilation of the shafts the turbine use natural flowing of air, when the temperature of outsider air is lower than temperature in interior.

Ventilation turbines Lomanco brings smooth draft into the pipes, prevent the reverse draft and in this way blending of odour from the particular flats.

Substitution of existing system of ventilation by Lomanco turbines is not radical change in the system, because existing system needs triple way of working:



Operating expenses:

Maintenance-free operation without the electrical power saves 90 % of the expenses at using of electrical ventilators.

Technical design of LOMANCO ventilation turbines

The basement for hitching of ventilation turbine:

Neck is adjustable according the inclination of the roof:

Color versions:

Model series



Specification of model series for ventilation turbines Lomanco

Type marking/diameter Color version Order No. Version
BIB 12 (305 mm) aluminium-colourless 1,00 complet
BIB 12 c (305 mm) brown 1,01 complet
  brick red 1,04 complet
  black 1,02 complet
  white 1,03 complet
BIB 14 (356 mm) aluminium-colourless 1,10 complet
BIB 14 c (356 mm) brown 1,11 complet
  black 1,12 complet
  white 1,13 complet
TIB 12 (305 mm) aluminium-colourless 1,05 independent head
TIB 12 c (305 mm) brown 1,06 independent head
  black 1,07 independent head
  white 1,08 independent head
TIB 14 (356 mm) Aluminium-colourless 1,14 independent head
TIB 14 c (356 mm) brown 1,15 independent head
  black 1,16 independent head
  white 1,17 independent head
IB 8 (203 mm) Aluminium-colourless 1,19 independent head
VP 8 (203 mm) Aluminium-colourless 1,20 adjustace neck and basement for IB 8

complet = head + adjustable neck + basement

Chart for calculation for ventilation of the interiors (m3/h)

Type 8 km/h 13 km/h 24 km/h
BIB 12 590 m3/h 930 m3/h 1750 m3/h
BIB 14 710 m3/h 1200 m3/h 2250 m3/h
IB 8 165 m3/h 295 m3/h 565 m3/h
TIB 12 590 m3/h 930 m3/h 1750 m3/h
TIB 14 710 m3/h 1200 m3/h 2250 m3/h


Chart for calculation for ventilation of the roof coating (number of pcs)

Ventilation area IB 8 BIB 12 BIB 14
0-90 m2 3 2 2
90-140 m2 6 2 2
140-185 m2 9 3 2
185-230 m2 12 4 3
230-275 m2 12 4 3


Minimum area input of ventilation hole (cm2/pcs)

Ventilation area IB 8 BIB 12 BIB 14
0-90 m2 1006 1508 1508
90-140 m2 782 2346 2346
140-185 m2 689 2067 3100
185-230 m2 642 1972 2570
230-275 m2 768 2305 3072


Mentioned power parameters was got by measurement in the most modern aerodynamic tunnel in the Lomanco company in conditions simulated real application.
The tests was perform according the newest scientologists findings. Methods was examine by independent company Ryan Engineering (Arkansas). Lomanco supervise under its quality and compare it with competition. Because of this fact has a very strong position in its field.

Performance parametres of ventilation turbines Lomanco TIB14 (356 mm) in piping system according methods VVUÚ Radvanice z roku 2007 - see protokole.
To other turbines will be given the  evidence on your request.

Ventilation turbines Lomanco TIB 14 (356 mm) has following extracted amount of air in pipeline system according VVUU Radvanice.





Ventilation turbines Lomanco are unmatched in the practice verified lifetime (developement since the year 1946) and at the same time strongly resistant in descructive test which truly simulate wind gusts on the roof.

For extreme cases, where is the assumption of strong loading by strong or gusty winds is possible to use special strengthen ventilation turbines Lomanco BEB 14, which are resistant to wind in strong to 240 km/h. Ordinary ventilation turbines Lomanco BIB 14 are certified for the wind speed 195 km/h.

The producer tested in the time different materials for turbines and as the most convinient from the point of power and the lifetime reccomends turbines Lomanco from Aluminium.

Accessories for ventilation turbines Lomanco

Extension piping Lomanco

Extension piping is used for placing of the ventilation turbines Lomanco higher above the level of the roof.

Determination Length Type marking Order No.
IB 8 50 cm P 8-50 1,75
  100 cm P 8-100 1,76
BIB 12, TIB 12 50 cm P 12-50 1,77
  100 cm P 12-100 1,78
BIB 14, TIB 14 50 cm P 14-50 1,79
  100 cm P 14-100 1,80


Universal basement

Universals basements are used for easy installation of ventilation turbines Lomanco directly to the most common roofing.

Determination Color version Order No.
BIB 14 ligth brown (brick) 1,60
  dark brown 1,61
  black 1,62
BIB 12 ligth brown (brick) 1,65
  dark brown 1,66
  black 1,67

Basement for IB 8 and VP 8 are not produced.

Permeable cuff

Permeable cuff are used for instalattion of ventilation turbines Lomanco for tin shaped roofing. The cuffs ensure waterproofing for many years and even into very complicated roof coats.

Determination Model series Order No.
IB 8 DEKTITE DFE 6 for IB 8 1,72
BIB 12 DEKTITE DFE 7 for BIB 12 1,73
BIB 14 DEKTITE DFE 8 for BIB 14 1,74


Regulation flaps

Regulation flaps are used to regulate the  amount of stick out air directly under ventilation turbines Lomanco.  It is about non direct regulativ of turbines which limits transfer of the air. Electro mechanical flaps has only closed or open possition. Electromechanical flaps are not supplied with connected cabling and switches.

Determination Model series Hand/Order No. electromechanical/Order No.
IB 8 K 8 1,54 1,38
BIB 12 K 12 1,55 1,39
BIB 14 K 14 1,56 1,40



Splitters are determined for the cases, when is necessary to put on the one output of the pipelines two ventilation Lomanco turbines.

Determination Model series Order No.
BIB 14, TIB 14 R 14 splitter to ventilation turbines 1,43
Splittersare produced for the ventilation turbines BIB14 and TIB 14 only


All the goods from the range of Lomanco products is commonly on stock. Availibility of the accessories please check up by phone.

The goods is possible to order directly on this sites throught contact form or by email on the adress export@abcweb.cz, by phone + 420 219 850 or by fax 420 545 234 443.

On the goods from the range of the ventilation turbines Lomanco relates 15 years guarantee. On the goods from the range of accessories is the guarantee two years.

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