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Tubus skylights ODL

Do You complain about insufficient illumination in Your room, office or in the hallway? Then skylight is made just for You. If You have the room situated in the middle of building and there is no possibility of installing the classical window, then the only suitable solution of Your problem is to use top reflection skylight. For this kind of skylight means garret expanse or the room in upper floor no problem - simply said, by a special pipeline You will be able to carry the rays of light from roof of the house into Your room.
Moreover You transilluminate the room with healthy and natural sunlight and herewith You will relieve Your eyes, what will show in lesser tiredness and possibly a better productivity.



Its funkcion replace original system of lightning  by former system of lightning by light shaft which went throught the building and considerably intervene into the building construction. Thanks to this new developed system we are able to bring the sun beams into the every corner of your house or office.

 Also in the case when is big space between the roof and ceiling and the use of roof Windows would not be technicaly possible, you can use tubus skylights ODL. Basic lightning set of tubus skylight is created by special dome on the roof of the building, further by the system of pipe with inner reflective surface, where the one part at the option for pitched roof adjustable up to 30°. The light is directed into the room by difusor, which thanks to its construction difuse the light into the whole part of lightened space.

If you need to use the tubus skylight ODL also during deficiency of sun beams (in dusk or at night), there is a possibility to install in bellow part of system universal lightning source. Then by mere switch of change the skylight into the common interior light.

Tubus skylights ODL-basic information

Tubus skylights ODL are supllied into two basic diameters:

ODL SV10 – pipeline in diameter 255mm

ODL SV14 – pipeline in diameter 356 mm

Both types o tubus skylight are supllied in basic set with the length of pipeline 1,22m. Set is universal for each type of roof- suitable for flat and also pitched roof.

Basic set include always two joints 45° and part pipe 51 cm and basement suitable into flat roofing.

In the case of higher length of pipeline then 1,2 m is possible to use extencion parts 51 cm, or 122cm. Using of the long extending parts is achieved by limitation of connections, better strength of the systém and at the same time are reduced light losses.

In the case of installation into tiles roof, or else atypical tin roofing, is neccessary order special basement – standardized . Anyway is possible to supply basement in any material – TiZn, Cu Etc.

Light-technical parametres  for the skylight SV 10 (255 mm)

Size of the space (length x width) Illuminated area Average Illuminance Factor of the day illuminance
2x2 m 4 m2 280 Lux 1,40 %
2x3 m 6 m2 187 Lux 0,93 %
3x3 m 9 m2 124 Lux 0,62 %
3x4 m 12 m2 93 Lux 0,46 %
4x4 m 16 m2 70 Lux 0,35 %
4x5 m 20 m2 56 Lux 0,28 %
5x5 m 25 m2 45 Lux 0,22 %


Light-technical parametres  for the skylight SV 14  (355 mm)

Size of the space (length x width) Illuminated area Average Illuminance Factor of the day illuminance
3x2 m 6 m2 373 Lux 1,87 %
3x3 m 9 m2 249 Lux 1,24 %
3x4 m 12 m2 187 Lux 0,94 %
4x4 m 16 m2 140 Lux 0,70 %
4x5 m 20 m2 112 Lux 0,56 %
5x5 m 25 m2 90 Lux 0,45 %
5x6 m 30 m2 75 Lux 0,37 %
6x6 m 36 m2 62 Lux 0,31 %

Losses in the system of tubus skylights ODL

The losses in the system are directly proportional to the length of the piplines and the number of joints used in the tubus skylights.

Losses by reflection are only 2%, therefore the efficiency of the system is incredible 98%!!!

Common losses on the length is aproximately 6%/m. Losses in the joint adjusted on the 30° is 12%/m.


Regarding the delivery terms and shipment please contact us on the e-mail export@abcweb.cz.

The goods is possible to order directly on this sites throught contact form or by email on the adress export@abcweb.cz, by phone + 420 219 850 or by fax 420 545 234 443.

We offer further training in design, planning and realization of tubus skylights.

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