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About Us

ABC – American Bohemian Corporation s.r.o. was established in 1994 with purpose to create a business subject with statute of an Exclusive Importer of Corrosion Technologies Dallas USA (anticorrosion and conservative products). It used to be an independent company with foreign capital participation.

In 1995, based on references, the company gained statute of an Exclusive Representative – Importer of Lomanco USA (ventilation turbines) for entire Middle and Eastern Europe.
Significant yearly sales increase and other positive references from manufacturers in USA enabled the company to become an Exclusive Representative of ODL USA (skylights) in 2000.

During 2000 the company transformed and changed into a company with purely Czech capital and got the statute of an Exclusive Representative of above mentioned companies for Middle and Eastern Europe. High quality and utility features of the products have considerable share on a yearly sales increase - minimally 31%.
The company obviously takes part in the prestigious building fair trades annually. The company presents there its products to wide professional public both here in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Our company specializes in ventilating of both flat and pitched roof constructions. The significant is our focus on proper ventilation of panel houses, including realization. During our 15 years long experience concentrating on roofs´ ventilation, we have already realized more than 80 000 of installations.  Installations are implemented directly by us or through wide net of our domestic and foreign business partners.

Since 2003 we have been a member of Chamber of Commerce in Zlín Down and from the September 2010 is our company memeber of Chamber of Commerce in Brno.

In 2004 we extended our offer by tinsmith machines VanMark manufactured in USA for more than 40 years. Today, thanks to our steady foreign activities, we represent VanMark, Lomanco and ODL exclusively in the entire European Union.
Our warehouse stock is absolutely appropriate to our position on the European market. The goods and spare parts are immediately available at logistically advantageous destination in the heart of Europe.

In 2008 was our range of products extend by Tinsmith tool Midwest snips which is produced in USA.

Implementation of SUNIZER´s production – special skylight was the significant event in history of ABC–American Bohemian Corporation s.r.o. After several years’ long development we introduced and launched SUNIZER – Czech made product on the market. Its energy, ecological and mainly economical utility features were appreciated by consumers and SUNIZER won Gold Medal at the International Building Trade Fair FOR ARCH 2009 in Prague.

Goal of our company maintain the same – to create business relationships based on traditional values such as long-continuing, steady and mutual profitability resting on high-quality foreign products. Today, our product portfolio was extended by SUNIZER – purely Czech made product. This is our vision.